Our clients success is what makes us successful.

We solve the complex business needs of a select number of clients using ERP software that works for everyone - right across your company.

MYOB Advanced
MYOB Award Winning Partner
MYOB Greentree

Distribution & Logistics

Distribution & Logistics

99.5% DIFOT isn’t good enough for our customers. We help them deliver to their full potential from one end of their business to the other.
Not for Profit

Not for Profit

We know how to make every dollar and every person count. Maximizing your people power is critical when you’re aiming to make more than a profit.
Job Cost

Job Cost Experts

Understand the profitability of any given Job, and provide project managers with the reporting they need. We are Job Cost Solution Experts
Construction and Engineering

Construction & Engineering

You might work with bricks, steel and mortar but there is a very human element to the business of engineering and servicing buildings and machines.

Make the complex simple, for everyone

We are proud MYOB Greentree Partners and MYOB Advanced Partners offering a fully integrated
ERP software platform that spans every aspect of your business.
Job Cost System Experts

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Connect the dots, automate processes, deliver the information you need when you need it: OI empowers your people to do the work that adds real value.


It’s the engine room of your entire business; where you account for your income and manage your expenses. It’s a highly complex world but we make it simple
Cost Management

Cost Management

Every business needs to manage costs; whether it relates to a job (via Job Cost), a machine that needs maintaining or a project that you’re managing. Greentree gives you the tools you need.
Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

More than ever your people want to be able to work where ever they might be. We can give you the full power of your ERP system no matter where you are located – work or home.
MYOB - Greentreee Partner

Primacc and MYOB Greentree
Together we deliver a whole lot more:
One platform, 13 suites, 84 modules

MYOB - Advanced Partner

A flexible cloud based business
management system that lets you run
your business anywhere, anytime.

Experts in all matters relating to Job Cost, Job Cost Systems, ERP, ERP Software and MYOB Payroll.

Our customers' tell our story the best

“They’re very professional, knowledgeable and efficient… Primacc showed how Greentree could cater for our needs and take us to the next level.”

Janina Massee,
Commercial Manager,
Cardinal Logistics Ltd.

“Primacc were very supportive and proactive, and still are today. They’re effectively personal friends now;
good people.”

Peter Griffiths
Managing Director,
Griffiths Equipment

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