Primacc believes in keeping clients updated to maximise the investment they have in their software and drive efficiency within the organisation.

We do this through regular communications, free in person user training events, providing content which is relevant to our product suite and client base and keeping up to date with technology trends which are emerging in the market.
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Are your CCA Payment Claims valid?

March 2024
If you are not attaching Form 1 to your CCA claims then they are not compliant and you could have a serious issue if challenged.

Form 1 must accompany all payment claims. If you do not provide Form 1 with your claim then you will be unable to rely on the protections provided by the CCA 2002 such as default liability (where the recipient does not respond with a payment schedule). You may not be entitled to payment (but this depends on your contract). The NZ courts have confirmed this approach on several occasions (see Sol Trustees Ltd v Giles Civil Limited [2014] NZCA539).

It is critical Form 1 is sent out will all payment claims.
Payment Claim

Introducing our 2024 Intern

March 2024
We are thrilled to introduce an enthusiastic addition to our team, Phillip Su, who will be joining us as an intern for the next three months. Phillip recently completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Information Systems and Data Analytics at AUT.

With a keen interest in applying his knowledge practically, we will be assisting Phillip understand what a life in IT could look like and what being an exceptional IT consultant entails. Phillip is eager learn from the wealth of experience within our team and to contribute to our ongoing projects.

Please join us in welcoming Phillip to Team Primacc. We are looking forward to a successful journey together!
Phillip Su

July Newsletter 2020

This month’s newsletter includes:

• Greentree’s extensive functionality. Talk to us about a possible Greentree solution before looking at external software which may not easily integrate.
• Greentree will not run on 32 bit machines or with 32 bit Excel from release 2020.4, due August 2020 (Click here to know what your machine is currently running)
• GUM Update.
• Riddle of the month.
• Finding your Greentree Desks slow to load, then we have a solution.
• Greentree Tip of the Month (Showing Calculations on your desk).

May 2020 Newsletter

Mays newsletter includes:

• Introducing, Sean our newest staff member
• Enhancements for the pending release
• Riddle of the month
• How to fund your IT Hardware, Software and Consulting Costs in 20 Minutes
• Telemetry and why it’s important to have it tuned on in your system
• Greentree Tip of the Month
• Fantastic Fraud Identification Tool (Checks supplier against employee bank accounts)

April 2020 Newsletter

April’s newsletter includes:

• Primacc availability during lockdown
• Covid-19 Payroll Implications
• Annual MYOB Partner Conference
• Riddle of the Month
• One important simple business continuity tip
• Greentree user tip of the month.

Primacc availability during lockdown

Primacc understands the important role that we play in supporting you, our clients. Many will not require any support through this period, some may require additional support. We are available.

February 2020 Newsletter

Our February Newsletter includes:

• The 3 biggest Greentree Problems we see.
• Upcoming annual partner conference.
• Riddle of the Month.
• What is you calendar going to do on 29th Feb (Check)
• Greentree tip of the month.
• New Apps released to make your life easy.


Business intelligence (“BI”) and data visualisation tools make translating complex Financial information into something useful for stakeholders a much easier task. This article was written by chartered accountants for their clients. It covers the difference between specific BI software (and gives an over view of them) and also explains how the BI can be utilised […]

December 2019 Newsletter

Our final newsletter of the year includes:

• Merry Christmas and thanks to you, our clients.
• GUM photos and feedback.
• Caption this Picture.
• Why TeamViewer is important to your customer experience.
• Greentree tip of the month.
• Payday filing over the holiday period.

October 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter includes:

• Primacc are leading customer service for MYOB partners in Australasia, but we need your assistance.
• GUM save the date 29th November.
• Riddle of the month.
• Importance of Back-up and Test Restoring.
• Greentree tip of the month.
• Learning lunch 25th October.

We have moved !!

After a decade at 38 Aranui Road Mt Wellington, we have moved the home of Primacc to 6 George Bourke Drive, Mt Wellington to accommodate our current growth. No other details have changed.

How you can make ERP Buying Easy

Buying an ERP system is not something you do every day. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start and what you should do.

This is an excellent resource when facing one of the biggest decisions your company may encounter.

September 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter includes:

• Primacc are moving to 6 George Bourke Drive
• GUM save the date 29th November
• Riddle of the month
• Mobile phone capability with Tokn
• Greentree tip of the month
• Learning lunch 27th September

ERP technology value comparison matrix

Market-leading vendors are implementing technologies that are facilitated by the flexibility and scalability of cloud, which enables customers to reach higher levels of maturity along their digital transformation journeys. Find out why Acumatica was ranked number 1.

July August 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter includes:

• Greentree enhancements in the last 12 months.
• Why when you change your server or IP address you need to let us know.
• Riddle of the Month.
• Meet our new Consultant, Wendy Daniels.
• Greentree Tip of the Month.
• Learning Lunches.

June 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter includes:

• Important Australian Payroll Information.
• Last opportunity to register for GUM on Friday (21 June 2019).
• Riddle of the Month.
• Setting tolerances for Invoices (with eDocs).
• Learning Lunches.

May 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter includes:

• GUM save the date (21 June 2019).
• Sale of MYOB to American Interests.
• Reminder you MUST now have employment agreements for ALL Employees.
• The Power of the Windows Tab in Greentree.
• Greentree Tip of the Month (Messaging other users).

March April 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter includes:

• The Greentree Roadmap for 2019;
• Greentree Tip of the Month;
• Employment updates that commenced 1 April;
• A few learnings from the All Blacks mental skills coach;
• Riddle of the Month.

December 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our December Newsletter where we cover Greentree tip of the Month, Payroll details you absolutely need to know, the availability of Primacc over the Christmas Period and just say thanks……

Greentree Upgrade Released

MYOB Greentree upgrade released this week with new features, enhancements and fixes.  In summary here are some of the new features;

October 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter covering Greentree Tip of the Month, QlikSense and information you need to know….

Greentree User Meet

Friday 16th November is the date of our next GUM. Never been and wondering whether you should attend, then read on….