December 2018 Newsletter

Merry Christmas, welcome to our December edition….Hoho

This is our last newsletter of the year and we send warm wishes to you and your families this holiday season.

The Primacc Team wish to thank you for the continued loyalty and support you have shown us this year and we look forward to working with you in 2019.

The Primacc office will be officially closed from 22nd December until 14th January, however we understand that you may need to contact us for urgent requests.  Please contact your consultant directly in the first instance or email We will respond promptly.

Riddle of the Month


A random winner will be selected from all those who email us or post on our LinkedIn page the correct answer to the Riddle by 15th December.

Congratulations to Angela from CLL for being our November riddle champion.  Enjoy the bragging rights and we hope you enjoyed the chocolates.


Greentree Tip of the Month – Floating a Form Window…

Floating allows a window to be moved outside of your Greentree session to any area on any screen. Floating is particularly useful when working with multiple windows concurrently.

By right clicking in the form header at the top of any Greentree window you can choose to “Float” it.

GT Tip Dec

Left click to move to any area on any screen.

Re-instate by right clicking in the form header at the top of any Greentree window and choosing to “Dock” it, at which point the window will return.

Greentree Users Meet Success

Feedback by all attendees rated the event a 4.64 out of 5 (92.7%).  We are thrilled as it re-enforces the value that it provides to our clients. Please consider attending our next event to see what all the fuss is about.

GUM P1 (2)

A special thanks to Brightwater Engineering (Nelson) and United Civil (Whangarei) who travelled some distance to attend.

Primacc’s Customer Service Survey

You may recently have been invited to participate.  It takes just 2 minutes to complete and we welcome your feedback.  Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think.

Payroll Special

Payday filing is currently voluntary and becomes mandatory from April 2019.

All employers that make over $50,000 in PAYE/ESCT deductions a year must file employment information electronically to the Inland Revenue (IR) on a payday basis, instead of monthly.

Greentree Payroll has you covered and promise to be ‘payday filing’ ready by 1 April 2019.  You don’t need to do anything at this stage, so relax and enjoy the holidays.

Annual closedowns

If a business has an annual closedown, employees may have to take their annual holidays entitlement.

A great link to walk you through the process below

Calculating annual holiday payment rates

Payment for annual holidays is made at the start of the employee’s holiday and is at the rate of the greater of the employee’s ordinary weekly pay or average weekly earnings.

Employment Relations Amendment Bill Update

The Bill is set become effective on 6 May 2019.

Rest and meal breaks – Employers must now offer set meal breaks, with specific rules in terms of payment, length and timing.

Restriction of the 90-day trial to small/medium enterprises – The 90-day trial period affecting the hiring and termination of new employees will now only apply to businesses that employ 19 or fewer employees.

Union rights to access a workplace – Union representatives will be able to enter a workplace without obtaining consent in certain circumstances. In addition, an employee who is a union delegate can now access reasonable paid time to conduct union business at work.

Collective agreements and collective bargaining – Changes outlined in the Employment Relations Amendment Bill will give unions more power in the collective bargaining process. Another amendment allows a union to tell an employer what they must provide to prospective employees.

Remedies – If an employee is successful in a personal grievance, they must be reinstated if they want to be unless the Employment Relations Authority thinks it is not practical to do so.