Greentree User Meet

If you received our recent newsletter you will already be aware that Friday 16th November is the date of our next GUM.  Please save the date now and full details will come out in due course.

It’s a fabulous opportunity for users of all levels to gain a greater understanding of the the initiatives, enhancements and direction of your Greentree system.

Wondering what is discussed? The two sessions held at our June GUM meeting were as follows:

Session 1 – Guest Speaker Jean Fulop MYOB Greentree Product Manager

  • Roadmap … future direction and development for Greentree.
  • New Screen Designer … the brilliance of this new enhancement!
  • QI … Business Intelligence tool to become part of the Greentree package.
    Your opportunity to preview it.
  • Questions and Answers – your chance to ask pressing questions to a MYOB representative

Session 2 – Bryce

  • New modern Greentree look and feel.
  • What’s new in Jade Query report writer?
  • eDocs Expenses
  • Brilliance of how to best deal with expense claims in business.
  • Questions and Answers – your chance to ask pressing questions of Primacc.

We understand the time commitment in attending is significant and there needs to be a tangible benefit in doing so, as such the events are designed to be informative, relevant, hands on and a little bit of fun.  We want you to take away something you can use in your business for the better, tomorrow.

We are also interested in knowing what topic’s you would like to hear about at future GUM’s.  We can’t guarantee they will make the list but we will try and accommodate where possible.  The event is designed to make you life easier, so please let us know.

Please register today at