Businesses today are focussing on how to drive automation and empower employees, whether it be in the office, in the field, or in the comfort of their home.

Market options appear endless and one of the hardest decisions is understanding which solution will provide the best outcome for the business. Once a decision has been made, the issue of integration inevitably arises. The time and cost to complete an integration will be significantly lower where an existing integration has already proven successful.

Primacc work with the following providers who have customer centric solutions effectively working with many of our existing clients.
MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions
MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions
MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions
MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions
MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions

Sneate Email Approvals

MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions

Do your staff need an easy way of approving MYOB Greentree documents and transactions without logging into MYOB Greentree?

Using Sneate Email Approvals, a user receives an email when a document/transaction is allocated to them to approve. Within the email they will have summary details of what needs to be approved together with a PDF of the appropriate document.

Once the user has reviewed the information, they can simply hit an approve or reject button and this will be sent back into MYOB Greentree acting as a normal approval or rejection.

Sneate also has the ability to create purchase orders on any device.

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MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions

The nTree app uses a fully automated connection with MYOB Greentree, without the requirement to manage a middle platform or purchase an API.

Employees can access the app through their personal phone or tablet from any location, both online or offline, and directly interact with company data and processes.

Whether it be for
* Leave Requests
* Purchase Orders
* Timesheets
* Approvals
* Incidents
* Messaging
* Integration.

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CleverLog by CB Systems

MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions

Enable better control over employee timesheets and labour. CleverTime can help you streamline between different software solutions such as payroll processing and simplify human resources administration economically

Lead the way and move beyond outdated time card, spreadsheets and punch clocks. Process employee time and attendance with proficiency and flexibility.

Offer diverse ways for employees to clock-in based on their work environment or industry, via mobile devices, kiosk or biometric timeclocks with clocking information that will be automatically synchronized.

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Tokn Technology

MYOB Greentree - Mobile Solutions

Tokn provides the capability to create apps in-house, through simple drag and drop functionality on a number of standard app templates. You have the power to build and customise these apps in any way to suit your organisation, using not only Greentree information, but external data sources.

Your digital app strategy can quickly and easily be established with Tokn, without the concern for having employees accessing multiple apps. Tokn easily manages change within the business seamlessly, with app changes, additions and deletions occurring at the push of a button.

Employees will only ever need to access Tokn on their phone for work related content, which is a critical consideration for both employees and the organisation, as change inevitably occurs.

Tokn provides the complete solution to your mobility requirements, and is only limited by your imagination.

TOKN is intelligent enterprise software that frees your business to manage workflows and create apps, the way you want in one scalable, intuitive interface.

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