Primacc believes in keeping clients updated to maximise the investment they have in their software and drive efficiency within the organisation.

We do this through regular communications, free in person user training events, providing content which is relevant to our product suite and client base and keeping up to date with technology trends which are emerging in the market.
2021 Awards

Client User Meeting Success

May 2024
We had an amazing time at our recent Greentree User Meeting.

It was fantastic to connect with our incredible clients, share the latest features, and showcase just how powerful and versatile Greentree is.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us. Your feedback and participation are what drive us to keep innovating and improving.

For those that were unable to attend we hope to see you at future events.

Thanks also to Team Primacc who put considerable effort into making the event a success. Your hard work is greatly appreciated and why GUM is the success it is.
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How NOT to run an IT Project

June 2024
MFAT provides an outstanding case study.

If you think bigger is better when it comes to IT Projects you might want to think again. If anybody had more resources, talent and access to external consultants to make a project successful you would have to look quite hard to find one that exceeds a Govt Department, in this case MFAT - yet the project is an unmitigated disaster. The signs were obviously and there are more than a few lessons for those looking at a smaller implementations.

Take the five minutes to read, its one of the best example we have seen of what not to do.

Simple takeaways.

1. Have clear objectives.
2. Ensure the objectives are proactively managed in a timebound way.
3. Understand the Scope of work before signing.
4. Listen to employees and consultants who disagree with your view.
5. Have a single project manager for the duration of the project.
6. Retain key staff.
7. Don\'t redirect funds to initiatives outside the projects scope
8. Project success is linked to leadership buy-in

Apologies for the quality of this, however I couldn\'t locate the article on the Herald Website. Click to see the full article.
Read full article here

Are your CCA Payment Claims valid?

April 2024
If you are not attaching Form 1 to your CCA claims then they are not compliant and you could have a serious issue if challenged.

Form 1 must accompany all payment claims. If you do not provide Form 1 with your claim then you will be unable to rely on the protections provided by the CCA 2002 such as default liability (where the recipient does not respond with a payment schedule). You may not be entitled to payment (but this depends on your contract). The NZ courts have confirmed this approach on several occasions (see Sol Trustees Ltd v Giles Civil Limited [2014] NZCA539).

It is critical Form 1 is sent out will all payment claims.
Payment Claim

Introducing our 2024 Intern

April 2024
We are thrilled to introduce an enthusiastic addition to our team, Phillip Su, who will be joining us as an intern for the next three months. Phillip recently completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Information Systems and Data Analytics at AUT.

With a keen interest in applying his knowledge practically, we will be assisting Phillip understand what a life in IT could look like and what being an exceptional IT consultant entails. Phillip is eager learn from the wealth of experience within our team and to contribute to our ongoing projects.

Please join us in welcoming Phillip to Team Primacc. We are looking forward to a successful journey together!
Phillip Su

2024 Business Productivity in New Zealand

March 2024
ASB Bank commissioned a report in conjunction with NZ Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) which states...

The so-called digital transformation of the economy has not delivered immediate improvements in productivity. It is argued that this is because investing in digital technology is insufficient in itself, and organisations need to develop their internal capability to use the technology and applications. Once this capability has been developed, it is expected that there will be an increase in productivity ... There will be a decline in productivity following the initial investment in digital technology, followed by an improvement in productivity..

Great piece of research and excellent initiative from ASB to support productivity growth
Business Productivity In NZ

Greentree Newsletter

March 2024
Days Paid ≠ Days Worked in Payroll
Days Paid is NOT the same as Days Worked, but the total days or part days an employee is being paid for in the pay period. This can include leave days of course, but does not include other payments such as reimbursements, allowances or bonuses.

Is your Desk Current? It needs to be.
If you find yourself searching for data in Greentree regularly it could mean that you would benefit from a desk that brings this information directly to you, automatically.

The Importance of frequent backups and the questions you need to be able to answer.

Excel not opening from Greentree? How to fix XML export error.
XML Fix For Greentree

The Importance of Training

February 2024
Primacc proactively offer to provide training to our customers new staff, for systems that exclusively manage their entire financial and management reporting operations. Many take this offer up understanding the significance of training, and some do not..

One who didn't, recently contacted us in a panic (as often happens when training is inadequate). Long story short, several thousand timesheet lines were incorrectly processed over multiple payruns by a new staff member, overpaying employees. The cost and disruption to the business was significant.

Research consistently supports the idea that investing in training and development initiatives yields significant returns in terms of increased performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

How many Ashley's do you have in your business?

MYOB Conference Takeaways

February 2024
New CEO, New CMO, New Attitude. The leadership team at Primacc were on hand to witness what we believe is the coming of age in the enterprise space for MYOB..

Over two days we were exposed to: MYOB’s high level strategy; the detail of new product functionality, and everything in between.

My takeaways from the conference were:
• Customer focus is priority #1
• An individualised CX is the baseline of BAU
• AI/ML featured prominently and will be adopted encompassing Automation, Interactive Assistance and Intelligent Advising
• Extending the depth and breadth of functionality will continue to occur at a rapid pace
• ERP alone is no longer sufficient
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Primacc availability over the holiday period

December 2023
The Primacc office will be officially closed from the afternoon of the 22nd December until 15th January, however we understand that you may need to contact us for urgent requests. Please contact your consultant directly in the first instance, the office on 09 570 4580 or email .

We will respond promptly as we have staff working through for any enquiries.

Christmas Wishes

Advanced Newsletter

December 2023
Offline Timesheet Entry

How to embed a website in MYOB Advanced dashboard

Mobile App - How to edit the main screen.

Tokn Platform Overview

2023 Purple Ink Business Excellence Awards

November 2023
Our General Manager, Peter Lamberton was Convenor of Judges at the recent Purple Ink BNH Business Excellence Awards.

The night was nothing short of inspirational.

Thanks to Purple Ink Limited for their unwavering support and belief in the vision of excellence. Your dedication to this initiative truly commendable. Thanks also to Business North Harbour for being a driving force behind the success of the awards. Your commitment to the local businesses is inspiring as always, as is the opportunity you created to showcase excellence.

Primacc were happy to contribute in a small way and together let's continue to thrive and set new standards of excellence!
Purple Ink Business Excellence Awards

Fantastic Feedback from Greentree User Meeting

November 2023
We run these free events twice a year and encourage all our clients to attend.

The purpose is to show the brilliance of Greentree to solve real world problems our clients are facing, but also illustrate functionality that is available but not necessarily utilised by attendee's. Primacc's Simon Forrest here is presenting on Financial Web View Reporting and showing that “Your entire GL month-end reporting workload could be reduced to a couple of clicks, yet still flexibly deliver a single source of truth to all end users.”

It is always pleasing to receive positive feedback, and this came in shortly after the event. "Firstly, thanks for the GUM – probably the best thus far from my perspective in overall content and “food for thought”."


2023 Construction Industry Survey

September 2023
The Civil Contractors New Zealand and Teletrac Navman produce an annual Construction Industry Survey which has a ton of invaluable insights into the industry.

It\'s interesting to read that that 84% of respondents are using mobile tech for timesheets yet only 58% are using project control software.

At Primacc we assist digital transformation and have specific expertise with project management software and understanding job profitability.

If you want to talk to us about a better way to manage your projects that most likely will talk to your timesheet software feel free to give us a call.

2023 Construction Industry Survey

Greentree Newsletter

September 2023
More efficiently manage your Accounts Receivable process with a desk. Why Dynamic Properties are underrated, and some examples of where they could be used; A list of approvers for a PO or invoice; The difference in margin between a budget and actual on a job; Where a calculation or user defined field is required.

Make Greentree more user friendly with an Import Script, use cases include: Import a change of Jon Manager and Account Manager assigned to a Job from a csv file; Change workcentre on AP Invoice; Close Jobs in csv file by using Approvals and Alerts.

Debtors Desk

Genuinely take care to understand requirements

August 2023
We recently received the following from one of our primary add-on partners.

Dealing with third party add-ons and integrations occur in almost every implementation these days. It is important that your partner of choice understands what is available and how it can best be leveraged to address the challenges being faced.

It's extremely pleasing to receive this feedback as it aligns extremely well with what Primacc are trying to achieve, but also testament to our work ethos, and that of our staff.

Well done Dipika Chand and Pankaj Soni.

MYOB Advanced Award Winning Service

Managing ERP Implementation expectations

August 2023
ERP projects often disappoint companies, with around 70% reporting some dissatisfaction. High-profile failures often involve ineffective consultants, inadequate change management, and lack of ownership.

However, misaligned expectations might be the core issue. Advocates oversell ERP benefits, leading to high expectations.

Conversely, low-expectation companies seek minor efficiency gains, missing ERP's holistic potential.

To set realistic expectations, learn from trading partners' successes, engage consultants with relevant experience, and approach ERP with a comprehensive perspective.

ERP System Comparison

July 2023
Acumatica Secures the Top Spot out of 71 ERP Systems.

MYOB Advanced is powered by Acumatica and proves to be a powerhouse in terms of satisfaction and momentum for its clients. Competitively priced and feature rich.

If you are looking to address challenges in your business, then look no further.

Our friendly team make the process simple, transparent and we talk in your language.
Acumatica G2 Reviews

Why business management software is a must have

July 2023
Build efficiency, visibility and profit with a single cloud platform.

Whatever business you are in, your customers expect more - faster responses, more personalised, convenient service at the same competitive prices.

That starts with eliminating inefficiencies, improving visibility and leveraging automation in every part of your business with business management software.

A business management platform does more than replace your various business software. It brings them together on one platform so they draw from a single data source, streamlining workflows, adding efficiencies and minimising error.

A single business management platform eliminates these issues entirely.

MYOB Advanced Fully Integrated ERP Software

Empower your managers

November 2021
WebView empowers your managers with visibility and control to access information for their areas of responsibility when and where they want.

WebView is perfect for managers who require access to financial reports, customer and supplier balances or transactions, Jobs profitability and related transactions. This is their own self-servicing information portal

Webview Demo 1

November Newsletter

November 2021
Good afternoon, this month’s newsletter includes:
• Greentree Price Increase coming in Feb 2022.
• Greentree Pricing Specials this month (5-10%).
• GUM Update.
• Amazing new app, that lets you:
o Have a new updated menu.
o Open Multiple Desks that sit in tabs on a desktop.
o Enable HTML email templates.
o Copy user settings between companies.
o Allow Communications, Follow-up and Action Plans and be added on any record.

GUM Header

Leading ERP Software Comparisons

November 2021
Looking for a new ERP System, and want to understand what is available in the market? I would suggest taking a look here. Download reports are freely available for all leading solution providers. What you see may surprise you.

Make an informed decision.

Acumatica which is included, powers MYOB Advanced in New Zealand.

Compare Systems Now 1

Empower your managers

October 2021
WebView empowers your managers with visibility and control to access information for their areas of responsibility when and where they want.

WebView is perfect for managers who require access to financial reports, customer and supplier balances or transactions, Jobs profitability and related transactions. This is their own self-servicing information portal

Webview Demo 1

October Newsletter

October 2021
This month’s newsletter includes:
• The cost of looking after Greentree properly, and what best practice looks like.
• Tip of the Month – PAYE Tax calculation tool within Greentree. Fantastic for when entering manual pay adjustments outside a normal pay run.
• WebView empowers your managers with visibility and control to access information for their areas of responsibility when and where they want. (Watch our brief 4 minute video)

GUM Header

Leading ERP Software Comparisons

October 2021
Looking for a new ERP System, and want to understand what is available in the market? I would suggest taking a look here. Download reports are freely available for all leading solution providers. What you see may surprise you.

Make an informed decision.

Acumatica which is included, powers MYOB Advanced in New Zealand.

Compare Systems Now 1

Integrated Budgeting With Forecast5

September 2021
Forecast5 has the perfect tool for those that need a comprehensive forecasting tool, with an existing integration built into MYOB Advanced.
Accurate, feature-laden forecasting and budgeting software.
We know the hours you spend creating your budgets in spreadsheets, only to find its not adding up.
This is why Forecast 5 is the modern solution for preparing financial statements, saving you time, letting you focus on what\’s important.

Forecast 5 Full Brand Logo Website

September Newsletter

September 2021
This month’s newsletter includes:
• Successful hands-on training completed just before lockdown.
• Why you MUST reconcile your PO clearing account regularly.
• Sorting desktop panels in ascending or descending order.
• How to apply a filter to a clever table.
• Emails are an easy way to handle Greentree Approvals.

GUM Header

Password security in 2021

September 2021
Lastpass Psychology of Passwords report explores the password security behaviors of 3,750 professionals across seven countries.

Individuals and businesses are more at risk than ever. Hackers are taking advantage and exploiting human vulnerabilities more than ever. The types of attacks have shifted given the large number of people working remotely and spending more time online.

Hacket 1